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Real Estate Business Resources | Welcome to Real Estate Business Resources

Welcome to Real Estate Business Resources

Real Estate Business Resources partners with Real Estate Professionals including Realtors®, managers, buyers agents, assistants, loan officers and real estate moms to provide products and services to take their business and life to a new level of success.

Pro Real Estate Coach
Are you a real estate professional ready to build a successful business? Ever feel like you are stuck in the whirlwind of the real estate business, never seeming to get ahead? Would you like a partner in creating systems that will create real success in your real estate business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a pro real estate coach may be just what you have been searching for.

Pro Real Estate Coach
Running a successful real estate business and a stable household at the same time can be a tricky task. is dedicate to helping balance your business and family life, maximize your output, and keep you motivated to succeed.

Expired Real Estate Leads
Lead Generation and Management Systems for Real Estate Professionals. Lead generation is an important aspect of a profitable real estate business. The RedX is changing the way real estate professionals approach prospecting by providing them innovate solutions integrated with the Expired Leads research, the For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) lead service and the RolEDX lead manager into a powerful real estate tool.

Real Estate Business Planning Guide by Cheri Alguire
The power of planning is incredible. Cheri Alguire's Five Year Business and Life Planning Guide was developed by proven Real Estate Coach Cheri Alguire in response to the needs of many agents and small real estate business owners like you who have been awed by what they perceive as a near impossible task...but it isn't!  Real Estate is a difficult market, but it can be fruitful if you take full advantage of it and utilize every method within your reach to maximize your potential.

Grow To Greatness in Real Estate
Real Estate takes a lot of work, but having some support can make that work more fruitful than you imagined. Let us help you Grow to Greatness in your Real Estate business with helpful advice and smart action plans from Coach Cheri Alguire.

Real Estate Time Management
Helping Real Estate Agents and Managers Maximize Their Time and Advance Their Careers. Why do real estate agents, managers, loan officers, and assistants need better Time Management skills? Accomplish more each day, meet project deadlines, serve more customers without added staff, equipment, or office space, and spend more time pursuing opportunities and less time doing paperwork and attending meetings.

Great Books and Audio Books, Rewarding Resources
Why wait to grow your business? Educate yourself and make an intelligent investment with our books on business growth, real estate growth, financial growth and personal growth. Great Books & has all of your educational needs for business and life! We make it easy for you, saving you time and energy, so that you can concentrate on educating yourself or your peers.

Coach Cheri: Are You Ready to Take Your Business and Your Life to the Next Level?
Business and Life Coach Cheri Alguire has partnered with hundreds of Real Estate Professionals including agents, owners, brokers, managers, assistants, loan officers and title closers, moms, and recently divorced individuals to help them become more successful in business and in life.

FSBO Real Estate Leads
For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings are becoming more common and available due to the changing real estate economy and an inability on the part of agents to stay ahead of trends.  The best way to get those expired leads is through The RedX Prospecting Solutions. The RedX is changing the way real estate professionals approach prospecting by providing them innovate solutions integrated with the Expired Leads research, the For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) lead service and the RolEDX lead manager into a powerful real estate tool.

13 Lessons I learned in 13.1 Miles, Business and Life Lessons Learned Running a Half Marathon by Cheri Alguire
13 Lessons in Learned in 13.1 Miles is a book highlighting the business and life lessons learned by Business and Life Coach Cheri Alguire while running a half-marathon.  Cheri knew she would probably get in better shape physically in her training for the half-marathon she did for charity, what she didn’t expect is the way training for that single event would impact so many other areas of her life.


Real Estate Marketing Tools & Coaching

    News: Real Estate Coach
  • Dennis Giannetti to Speak at the AdvantaIRA Real Estate Expo on October 1
  •       Dennis Giannetti, certified go-giver coach and speaker, is scheduled to speak at the AdvantaIRA Real Estate Expo on October 1 in Fort Myers. He will be discussing how to turn dreams into dollars and passions into profits. (PRWeb September 22, 2014) Read the full story at ...»
  • Sense Financial and Prudent Consulting to Give a Joint Presentation on Small Business 401k plans and Passive Investment
  •       Sense Financial and Prudent Consulting will be featured in the next For Investors By Investors meeting, organized by Best Los Angeles Real Estate Club. Their joint presentation will introduce members to small business 401k plans and how to build wealth with passive investments. (PRWeb September 22, ...»
  • McNamara in Realtor association
  •       FITCHBURG -- Realtyology, McDonald Real Estate has announced Tim McNamara has recently become a member of the North Central Mass Association of Realtors. ...»
  • NeighborWorks® America Selects Denver Resident Debra Bustos for NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence Program, in ...
  •       DENVER, Sept. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NeighborWorks America is proud to announce that Debra Bustos, Vice President of Real Estate at the Urban Land Conservancy in Denver is one of 50 leaders selected for the NeighborWorks® Achieving Excellence Program, conducted in collaboration with Harvard Uni ...»
  • Apartment building was once Seattle's grandest mansion
  •       In 1905, Harry Whitney Treat erected Seattle's grandest mansion, at 1 W. Highland Dr., on Queen Anne Hill. After his death, his widow sold the house, and the new owner converted the place into 15 apartments. Now, the place could be yours, if you have $11.888 million. ...»
  • Nice Properties Real Estate Heads into Second Year as Sponsor of Les Aigles Division 1 Hockey Team of Nice
  •       Nice Properties Real Estate is sponsoring the Division 1 Nice Hockey Team Les Aigles, as part of their corporate social responsibility program. (PRWeb September 19, 2014) Read the full story at ...»

    Internet Business Coaching
  • My Favorite Game of Internet Profits
  •       Would you be happy if you were only earning back 70% of your paid advertising expense in your initial sequence? That means if you invested $1,000 in advertising, you only received back $700. In other words, you lost $300 in the initial sequence. A client happily reported those kinds of numbers to me ...»
  • WARNING: Internet Marketers Vs Zombies
  •       Do you ever feel like screaming? Sometimes I do"and it's often because of the dumb advice I regularly hear from so-called internet experts. My wife and I recently finished watching through the 4th season of Walking Dead. It's pretty gruesome. And it seems like no matter what happens, it can always ...»
  • #1 Proven Way to Boost Sales
  •       What's the secret to more sales of your products and services? Is it a secret copywriting trick from the long-forgotten masters? Or is it having an irresistible offer that virtually no one can resist? Both of the above can definitely bump your sales"even overnight. Knowing how to use words to persu ...»
  • The Millionaire Expert
  •       I love coaching business owners. It keeps me fired up because I'm interacting with passionate entrepreneurs every week. It also means I get to see what's working best across dozens of different niches"instead of being limited to just what is working in my own market. I've also recommended to you ju ...»
  • Why High Ticket Offers Are Easier to Sell
  •       It is easier to sell premium, high ticket products and services than "cheap' products. The #1 secret to online success is a hungry audience. It all starts with the customer first. Do they have a desperate problem they want to solve? Do they actively "feel" the pain of the problem? Are they searchi ...»
  • Finances, Frustration, and Failure
  •       Do you make quality decisions? A quality decision is one that you stand behind"even if circumstances turn against you. Or are you ready to turn your tail and run the moment it gets hard? This is important, because it could determine your success or failure online. I'm supposed to tell you how easy ...»

    Business Owner's Blog
  • Sunk Costs
  •       Let’s say you’re driving when you come to a fork in the road and don’t know which way to go. So you pick one and drive on. An hour later you realize you’re going in the wrong direction. What do you do? Like most people, you turn around. You don’t say “Well I’ ...»
  • How do we Measure Commitment?
  •       It takes commitment to build a business – or for that matter, to build anything. But what exactly does that word mean? I’ve been thinking about it lately and I’ve come up with this short cut. Commitment is not measured by how strongly you feel about something, but by what you are w ...»
  • Think Plan Do
  •       Mark Suster just posted a great piece on taking time to THINK as an Entrepreneur. Here's the money quote (paraphrased)  1. I think the best leaders are Thinkers. They often need teams of people to help them Plan how to turn their ideas into realities.  2. The best managers are Planners. They are r ...»
  • 5 Rules for Giving Discounts
  •       People who are not seasoned in sales often think discounts are more powerful than they are. As a result they end up giving away things they don't need to. Here are some tips on using discounts. Rules for Giving Discounts In a negotiation, never lead with a discount or offer one without a quid pro [& ...»
  • ARRGGGGHH I’m sick of Crappy elevator pitches
  •       If you are pitching a startup or business idea to me please use this format: I / We are Selling / Designing / Making /Thinking about [use a verb that indicates what stage you're at] A Device / App / Consumer Product / Medical instrument [use a noun that indicates what your product is and […] ...»
  • What’s Wrong With Obamacare?
  •       The answer to that question is an opinion. Yours, mine or someone else’s.  It’s been said that opinions are like rear ends – we all have one and they all stink. Here are some facts about Obamacare. I didn’t write this post. Everything beyond this paragraph came from Reddit. ...»
  • Is the US Congress Improperly Motivated by Money?
  •       One of the things business owners struggle with is the short term vs long term dilemma. Do we do something that will be better for our company in the long run even if it will lower our profit or capacity or increase our risk in the short term? Politicians face this dilemma in a slightly […] ...»
  • How do You Handle Accounting?
  •       I was asked a question on Quora recently, specifically about start ups but I think my answer applies to more established companies as well. Hope you’ll find it useful. The Original Question How do bootstrapping start-ups in New York handle accounting? Do they have an in-house bookkeeper or a c ...»
  • Just 3 days Until CT Business Expo
  •       I’ll be on a panel on June 7th  answering “20 Questions with Great Entrepreneurs – Getting to the Next Level” Me and 3 other advisors will be sharing everything we know between 12:30 and 1:15. Really. It should be a blast. If you’re anywhere near Hartford CT that day c ...»
  • Should Your Employees Learn to Write Code?
  •       FreeCause is teaching all 60 of its employees to write code. I don't think this make sense for every company (very few things make sense for EVERY company). But here are some things the article made me thing of that you might want to consider. How Important is Software to Your Company? If software i ...»

    Real Estate Moms
  • Time for a Fresh Start
  •       By Cheri Alguire

    Remember the "best made plans of mice and men often go astray?" The old adage applies readily to your business plan if you do not manage your time effectively and/or delegate activ ...»

  • Business Planning Tip: the Production Plan can be more effective if you plan for the stuff behind the numbers